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Feedback culture

Honest, direct and constructive

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Annette, Communications Management

"There’s a wide range of challenges in an inspiring environment here. It’s great to contribute to the company’s success.”

Learning through feedback

Open, frank conversations are extremely important to us. Because it’s only through honest feedback that we can learn more about our strengths and potential and, where applicable, address any blind spots. This feedback culture is firmly embedded in our company culture and in our mindsets.

As well as providing spontaneous feedback on a daily basis, we employ various feedback systems and processes.

  • Annual appraisal (“Employee dialogue”)
    Of course, feedback shouldn’t does not just happen once a year – it is a regular thing. But the annual “Employee dialogue” offers a chance for an end-of-year review, as well as a look ahead to future challenges. In this discussion, your manager gives you personalized feedback and reviews your performance together with you – so that you know exactly where you stand and where to go from here. Additionally, you agree on key priorities for the year ahead and as specific development goals. You also get the opportunity to provide feedback to your superior and make suggestions on where things can be improved.
  •  Global employee surveys
    We also want to know what you think about us and how happy you are with Grünenthal as an employer. Do you feel fully involved and able to develop at the company? What could be improved? To get answers to these questions, we send out regular global employee surveys. We then draw up corresponding measures in response. Doing so helps us to continuously ensure that Grünenthal is a “Great Place to Work”.
  • 360° feedback
    Managers regularly ask for feedback on how they can continue to improve and develop. With our “360° feedback” program, managers get important suggestions from their staff and colleagues and then take a critical look at their own strengths and weaknesses. They are supported by external consultants and their own superiors throughout the process.
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The spirit of Grünenthal - Working with heart and soul for our patients

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Our values – A vibrant company culture