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Our people-focused workplace

You spend a lot of time at work and are completely committed – but of course you also want to be there for your family. We aim to support you both at home and in the workplace – helping you to overcome all the challenges you face. This provides a solid foundation for your happiness, health, and long-term performance.

We first took part in a “work and family audit” at our German site in 2011. Since then we’ve introduced a number of different programs and services. In June 2017 we were honored for the third time with the certificate for the audit berufundfamilie.

These include flextime, various part-time models, guidance and rules around remote working, part-time hours for caregivers (with an optional caregiver’s allowance), holiday clubs for children during the summer and autumn breaks, an emergency service for arranging child care, caring for relatives, and other health and well-being related measures.

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Child care – For parents now, and those who’d like to be

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Flexible Working - Because everyone works differently

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Leave for caregivers - Are you a carer? We’ll help!