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Central Functions

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Core competency

Our Central Functions make sure everything runs smoothly by ensuring we have the right people, sufficient financial resources and the appropriate infrastructure. Our expertise and advisory skills allow us to make an important contribution to the company’s success. Central Functions include departments such as Global Finance, Global Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Global IT, Legal and Compliance. Read on to learn more about some of our Central Functions and what they do:

Global Finance – Money isn’t everything, but it certainly helps

We ensure Grünenthal financing and profitability by taking responsibility for the company’s overall financial management, as well as financing, taxation and financial reporting – in Germany and our other locations around Europe and in Latin America. We provide the key facts and figures to support operative and strategic decisions, advise our clients and offer them tailored solutions as a dependable business partner.

In short, we make sure that our company remains profitable so we can research and bring our products to the market – to serve our patients’ needs.

Global Human Resources – right person in the right place at the right time

We ensure we have the right team on board: innovative researchers, lateral thinkers, strategists, visionaries, creative thinkers, pragmatists and people who get things done – in short, individuals who can help us make a difference. We look for and develop talent, we encourage people to rise to new challenges and support our teams in any way we can. Together, we create a working environment in which potential and talent are allowed to blossom, and that truly brings out the best in people. At the same time, we ensure that our hard work pays off in the long term. Finding a good balance between home life and work is also important to us, and helps us create great things together.

Global IT – always well connected and online

We are responsible for keeping our colleagues and the company well connected at all times. When everything’s running smoothly and IT systems are working effectively to support and streamline business processes, we know we’re doing a good job.

As a valued partner of all areas of the company, we manage the company-wide IT infrastructure, provide IT services and oversee all the software and applications. We host and administrate key applications centrally in our facility in Aachen. In close collaboration with our central departments and country organizations, Global IT also develops business processes and defines requirements to ensure compliance with the latest IT standards and pharmaceutical industry regulations. We’re happy when our customers are happy.

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Global Operations - Streamlined production with outstanding quality – We only deliver the very best

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Commercial Business - Successful worldwide - A market leader

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Research & Development - Combining passion and innovation to improve patients’ lives